Accommodate: Discover Learning Disability Programs at Participating Colleges

Accommodate is an annual college fair designed to connect students in area schools with learning differences programs at participating universities, colleges, and vocational programs.

Students and families can discover accommodations and programs offered by these institutions for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Any current high school student receiving accommodations and is eager to explore post-secondary educational opportunities would benefit from these resources.

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Brescia University

Liberal-Arts University 2-4-Year Other

Morgan Russelburg works with Brescia University students who have special learning needs. She will work with students that have IEPs and other similar accommodations. In addition, if a student does not meet the minimum admission requirements, he or she might qualify to go to the Admissions Committee and submit a personal statement. This does not guarantee admission to our university, but it does give students different ways to demonstrate their academic ability. We also offer free tutoring on campus.

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Thomas More University

Liberal-Arts University 4-Year

Thomas More University has an entire Student Success Center dedicated to the assistance and success of students. This includes our institute for learning differences, a tutoring center, career/graduate school planning, and more. We also encourage student-athlete success through the use of athletic tutoring and team study tables. Feel free to reach out to us about any additional questions/services!


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University of Pikeville

University 4-Year

ACE (Academic and Cultural Enrichment Program) provides comprehensive student support from orientation to graduation. A federally-funded TRIO program, ACE’s goal is to improve student academic performance and increase retention and graduation rates.  

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Eastern Kentucky University

University 4-Year

The Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) at Eastern Kentucky University offers eligible students personalized support through academic, housing, and other necessary accommodations. Students have the ability to utilize organization and time management assistance, regular one-on-one meetings with professional staff to monitor progress, assistive technology, an accommodated testing center, and a CSA student tutoring facility.

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Spalding University

University 4-Year

Spalding University has an Accessibility Services department that works with students and families to provide accommodations for a variety of learning needs.

Center for Accessibility and Learning Equity
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Midway University

Liberal-Arts University 4-Year 2-4-Year

Being a small institution, Midway University already centers on personalized education. All of our professors value getting to know each student individually and making a plan to help each student in every way they can. In addition, we have the Student Success Center, which offers free peer tutoring, group tutoring, and individual learning plans. Additionally, our Accommodations Coordinator, Tracy, is always happy to help students who need extra assistance in the classroom (recording lectures, extended time on tests or taking a test separately, extra time or assistance on homework). Even our coaches will keep students accountable to their studies, as we focus on “student first, athlete second.”

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Jefferson Community and Technical College

Community-Junior Technical-Alternative 2-year

At Jefferson Community and Technical College, the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC) and the Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) office can work with students to provide accommodations.

Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC)
ARC Services

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Transylvania University

Liberal-Arts University 4-Year

For testing, Transylvania University offers extended time on exams, use of the Testing Center, exam modifications,  and the opportunity to have exam questions read-aloud.  In addition, students can take advantage of assignment extensions and modifications, such as modifying the length of an essay, as well as assistive technology in the classroom and PDF versions of most textbooks. Note-takers and note-sharers are available on a volunteer basis only, and students are not guaranteed that a note sharer will be available for each class.

Disability Services

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Options Unlimited, Inc


Options Unlimited provides employment services (job placement, resume writing, job interview training) to assist individuals with special learning needs in Jefferson, Shelby, Spencer, and Bullitt counties. We have a two-week training program at UPS-Worldport and the Transitional Learning Center that provides instruction to people to help them prepare for jobs at UPS and other employers. Most students need to connect with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for sponsorship in our programs.


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Indiana University Bloomington

Liberal-Arts University 4-Year

The Office of Disability Services for Students is dedicated to ensuring that students with disabilities have the tools, support services, and resources that allow equal access and reasonable accommodations to be successful at Indiana University Bloomington.

We work with you and appropriate university personnel to offer equal access to learning, educate the IU Bloomington community about diversity and inclusion, and link you to essential resources for success.

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Bricklayers Local#4 IN/KY Apprenticeship Program

4-Year Other

Bricklayers Local #4 provides a career in bricklaying apprenticeship program. Please see the website for application information. 

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Northern Kentucky University

University 4-Year

Exam proctoring is a service provided by the Office of Testing Services at Northern Kentucky University to assist faculty with providing reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Students eligible for proctoring will be given a letter from the Office for Student Accessibility supporting the need for special accommodations. The student should present this letter to the faculty member as soon as possible to begin the exam scheduling process.

NKU Academics

Office of Student Accessibility
(859) 572-5282

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Hanover College

Liberal-Arts 4-Year

At Hanover College, we are committed to both the letter and the spirit of the law regarding disability services, including the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. We believe that all members of our student body deserve equal access to our vibrant intellectual community, both inside and outside the classroom. Through our disability services program, we work one-on-one with students, their families, faculty, and staff to develop reasonable and effective accommodations that assist the student and protect the integrity of the academic program.

We also offer tutoring, mentoring, and coaching free of charge to all students at Hanover College in their pursuit of academic excellence. Our goal is to help good students become better students through active engagement. Our trained peer tutors are here to help students get the most out of their Hanover education.

Hanover Accessibility
Hanover Learning Center

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Mount St. Joseph University

Liberal-Arts University 4-Year

At Mount St. Joseph University, Project EXCEL is a structured intervention program with services designed to support college students that are diagnosed with a learning difference. Project EXCEL has been a national leader in academic support for 37 years. We are ranked among the 30 best colleges for students with learning disabilities by College Consensus. Our support services include close oversight and academic monitoring of students, professional tutoring by individuals with knowledge and experience in specific subject matter, weekly time-management and organization sessions to include support for students with difficulties in the area of executive function, and consultative advising.

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Project Excel
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Office of Vocational Rehabilitation


This office provides vocational rehabilitation opportunities and services to eligible individuals with disabilities to assist with entry or re-entry into employment and becoming more independent and productive in the community and workplace.

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Bellarmine University

Liberal-Arts 4-Year

Bellarmine Disability Services takes an individualized approach to determining what accommodations and on-going supports students need in order to remove barriers in the educational setting. Common accommodations include testing accommodations, note takers (and note taking technology), audio books, and readers and scribes for tests. We offer on-going meetings to track progress, address time management and study skills in college, and general adjustment. All Bellarmine students have access to our Tutoring and Writing Centers and Peer Academic Coaches.

Disability Services

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Jewish Family & Career Services (JFCS)


JFCS works to expand possibilities for each individual and every family to meet life’s challenges with confidence. We offer vocational evaluations for people with disabilities so they can determine which career paths would best suit their unique experience, interests, and abilities. We also offer services for self-employment, mental health counseling, support for older adults, and holistic services to strengthen families through intensive case management.

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University of Louisville

University 4-Year

At the University of Louisville, the DRC provides accommodations on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the needs of each individual student. Common accommodations include testing accommodations, supplemental notes, etc. In addition to the accommodations offered, we also have a peer academic coaching program to which students can apply to receive weekly support from another UofL student.

Getting Started Checklist
Cardinal Success Coach Program

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Morehead State University

University 4-Year

The largest percentage of students served by our office at Morehead State University have mild-to-moderate learning needs. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, but the most frequently examples are: extended time on timed tests, reduced distraction test locations, screen-readable textbook files, supplemental class notes, and a reader/scribe for tests. If appropriate, students may be assigned a Personal Coach who provides one-on-one instruction in organizational and study strategies.

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Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

Liberal-Arts Community-Junior Technical-Alternative 4-Year 2-year

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College’s Accessibility Center provides accommodations to meet student’s specific needs, and we collaborate with students to provide reasonable accommodations in accordance with federal regulations from the ADA and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. These accommodations include extended time for exams, extended time for assignments, assistive technology, and service animals that are allowed on campus.

Accessibility Services

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Georgetown College

Liberal-Arts 4-Year

Georgetown College’s Disability Services Coordinator provides services and letters of accommodation to students with learning disabilities, mental health disorders, physical disabilities, temporary medical disabilities due to illness or injury, and attention-deficit disorders.

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Murray State University

University 4-Year Other

Project PASS (Program for Achieving Student Success) is Murray State University’s signature enhanced support program specifically designed for first-year students with disabilities.  Some of the chief components of Project PASS include:

1) Registration/Scheduling assistance during the student’s summer orientation visit.

2) Smooth Move into College – Incoming Project PASS freshmen will be allowed to move into the Murray State residential college three full days before the rest of the incoming freshmen. This extra time allows for a more leisurely move-in as well as for two days of study skills workshops to ensure a more successful transition to college.

3) Enrollment in our specialized support classes: During the fall semester, students take CTS-College Transition Skills I. This is a 3-credit hour course designed to assist college students with academic and social transitions to college. Students receive instruction on college accommodations and self-advocacy skills. Emphasis is placed on time and task management, study skills, test-taking, and note-taking strategies. Career exploration, academic advising, and locating support services are also included in this class. In the spring semester, students take CTS 102 – College Transition Skills II. This is a 1-credit hour course designed to continue assisting college students in the spring term. One-on-one meetings will cover success skills such as time management, study strategies, and grade checks. Other academic guidance activities will be included in this class.

4) Project Mentor – Students can request 1-6 hours a week of mentoring. Students receive individualized assistance with learning effective strategies for organizing and studying course-related assignments. This work may include any of the following: content tutoring, organization/time management skills, writing skills, and test-taking strategies. (Please note there is an additional fee for our tutoring/mentoring program. However, students who have a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will most often get this fee paid for.)

Murray State University – Office of Student Disability Services

Stacie Collins, Associate Director (Office of Student Disability Services)



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