Visual and Performing Arts at Louisville Catholic Schools

Both art and music are incorporated into the curriculum of Catholic Schools, and many schools offering extracurricular opportunities in the arts. Drama, band, art clubs, and crafts are offered at Catholic Schools, and each year Catholic School students are recognized for their work in local, regional, and national competitions.

Visual Arts

The visual arts curriculum promotes a commitment to lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of all types of creative endeavors. Art encourages inquiry, discovery, and wonder. As art reflects and transmits its time and culture, it is a vital key to understanding the past and to realizing the future. The visual arts curriculum nurtures students’ creativity, increases higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, makes use of current technology and tools, explores real-world applications, and provides cross-cultural understanding. Visual arts programs encompass a variety of media approaches including fine arts, crafts, art history, multi-media experiences, multicultural expression, aesthetics, and criticism.

Performing Arts

The music and performing arts curricula reflect the reality that all human beings are innately musical regardless of age, talent, or ability level. The study of music and performing arts benefits both students and society, touching human beings in ways that are solely unique to the music and performing arts disciplines. The music and performing arts curricula provide avenues for self-expression, communication, and creativity and reinforces cross-curricular and life-skills training. Music and performing arts address a variety of interests, learning styles, and readiness levels and engages students in lifelong learning processes.